Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wine Aerator


The art of making your wine taste exquisite:
Wine has been around since 4000 BC and has been frequently used as precious gifts or a substitute for money to gods and people alike.  Wine tasting has since been touted as an art form; to encounter the layers of complex flavors in a great wine is an experience to behold in itself.

As wine connoisseurs know, aerating the wine (or the process of mixing air into the wine) plays a great part in experiencing its taste to the fullest; in fact many processes of wine tasting (swirling the wine, slurping, etc) are designed to pull more air into the wine to enhance and intensify its aroma and taste.

The effect of aeration can turn a mediocre wine into an exquisite and expensive tasting wine that tastes like, if not better than a bottle of an expensive wine.

The whole point of the wine aerator is to let the wine get as much interaction with air as possible.  Some people do it by opening the bottle of wine and leaving it out in the open for awhile before serving it, where only the top part of the wine in the bottle would be exposed to air.  But with the wine aerator, it’s so much more efficient because every drop of wine would be exposed to air through the tube in the center that sucks air into the wine as compared to letting air pass through a small thin neck in the bottle itself.

Putting the wine through our aerator, it is obvious that the wine undergoes a dramatic change in its aroma and flavor; the wine is exposed to air which will enhance the taste of the wine. When wine is passed through the aerator, it will get warm due to it’s exposure to air: the younger wine higher in tannin levels and acidity become mellower in flavor, while the multi-layers of flavors are revealed and enhanced in more mature wines.

The aeration process is an experience for the 4 senses too: observe the color of the wine through the high quality finish of the aerator with droplets of wine passing through; inhale the aroma that intensifies through aeration; listen to the trickling of wine into your glass; and lastly, experience the richness in taste that aerated wine brings. The aerated wine would have a more enhanced taste and it’s aroma would be fuller as compared to the un-aerated wine.  We can meet today's want for a better wine with the help of the innovative Wine Aerator!


Key features:

(i) Sight - Appeal to Customers with high quality finish of the product and waterworks of wine being aerated.

(ii) Sound - As the wine flows through the device, listening to the sound of the waterworks as the wine is being aerated.

(iii) Smell - To be able to smell the fuller aroma of the red wine after aeration.

(iv) Taste - To enhance the taste of any red wine for a fuller aroma.


Why Aeration?

Improves the overall favor characteristics of the red wine by:

  • Aroma within open up
  • Flavour profile will soften
  • Wine will mellow


Red Wine consumer's Market

Statistics has shown that wine consumption between the period 2001-2003 has increased:

  • Singapore by 23.65%
  • US by 10.01%
  • China by 8.56%

The worldwide market for wine consumption has increased during this same period by 4.56%.


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